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Webx Ecommerce ®

Webx Ecommerce is Pakistan’s leading cloud ecommerce platform, or commonly known as online store builder. It enables businesses to start and run their successful online store in no time, with no technical knowledge and with no up-front investment.

Webx Ecommerce was developed and launched by Decimalz in 2013, and currently more than 1000+ businesses in Pakistan run their online stores with Webx Ecommerce.

Webx Ecommerce is a complete ready-to-use ecommerce solution, backed with all the rich features required to setup and run a successful online business.

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Cloud Ecommerce in Pakistan

Decimalz introduced the concept of cloud ecommerce in Pakistan back in 2013, with the launch of Webx Ecommerce – the first cloud ecommerce platform and the leading online store builder developed in Pakistan. This platform revolutionized the ecommerce industry in Pakistan by providing an instant take-off platform to SMEs for their online business with no upfront investments on IT. As a result, Webx Ecommerce encouraged hundreds of entrepreneurs to start and be part of the overall ecommerce ecosystem of Pakistan.

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Ecommerce Solutions

With an experienced team of e-commerce developers and professionals on board, Decimalz is one of the top ecommerce development companies in Pakistan.

We help online businesses grow their revenue and increase their website traffic through the magical combination of best suited technology, professional online presence, integrated payment and shipping solutions, and the right marketing tools.

Whether you are setting up an ecommerce online store, or a multi-vendor marketplace, Decimalz has you covered. We offer the widest range of ecommerce development services which makes us the most popular ecommerce development company in Pakistan.

Full-Featured Solutions

With our unique expertise in ecommerce development, we help retail companies, distributors, and wholesalers take their business online, reach a bigger audience, boost sales and increase revenue. We make full-featured, technically robust ecommerce solutions which let your brand stand out in the ecommerce market.

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Online Stores

We develop online stores and ecommerce websites which ensure a consistent positive buying experience for your customers. As the most popular ecommerce development company in Pakistan, we develop online stores of diverse size and complexity for various different industries, be they deal in consumer goods, food delivery, digital downloads, or public services.

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Multi-Vendor Marketplaces

We develop multi-vendor marketplaces as a single collaborated platform for various multiple sellers and their clients. The platform provides a user-friendly interface for sellers to showcase and manage their products in an effective manner, and enables customers to easily navigate and access the products and services they need from different sellers on a single portal.

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Ecommerce Consultancy

In addition to ecommerce development, our ecommerce consultants help businesses with expert advisory and technical assistance to implement and optimize their ecommerce processes.

Ecommerce Consulting

Decimalz offer ecommerce consulting to online businesses to improve their ecommerce operations and achieve their business goals. We help our customers design a long-term ecommerce plan based on optimization of processes and supported with the latest technologies.

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Ecommerce Audit

To help our customers align their ecommerce targets with their actual business results, Decimalz provides a complete ecommerce auditing service. Our ecommerce audit services help to identify and eliminate discrepancies within your ecommerce solution and business operations.

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Ecommerce Optimization

Based on ecommerce audit results, our developers and ecommerce consultants develop an optimization plan with practical recommendations. We enhance your existing ecommerce solution to make it more effective and optimized to achieve targeted outcomes.

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